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Horse Poop

TOR @ NSH Feb.08/07

Hockey-recap.com seems to be out of commission this week. UPDATE - Hockey-recap will not be available for the remainder of the season due to 'data source' issues. This is unfortunate news, but I personally look forward to the return of The Recap for the 07-08 season.

Leaf Lines

Leaf Pairs


What had the makings of great game was sullied by a whistle-happy ref crew. Hamhuis' tripping call was legit, but then the next two infractions were borderline at best. Stajan was called for a phantom hold, and Arnott was penalized for being on the ice. I should've stopped watching the game right then and there, because my mood only deteriorated, mostly because the Predators continued to get away with murder, while the Leafs played with more caution. Not a winning combination if both teams are going to be penalized at the whim of the officials.

I don't complain about officiating often, though it does happen from time to time. But when Sundin drops an F-bomb during the post-game interviews in a similiar context, you know with a healthy degree of certainty the game was called in an unfair and unbalanced manner.

This isn't to say the Predators were handed the game, but they definitely didn't win the game themselves. I was impressed with their speed and tenacity, feeling frustrated like when a horse-fly hounds you for hours, swatting at the annoying and elusive pest. But when the fly lands, watch out. The Leafs were by far the more physically dominant team, and yet somehow could not earn a powerplay.

Oh well. Can't win'em all. And I can't wait for the Leafs to play them at the ACC.

UPDATE - I was somewhat surprised to see Coach Mo use Kilger on Arnott. To bad the Preds created mismatches with some quick passing.



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