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Tool Time

The Hockey News has a salary cap tracker up. I have no idea as to the degree of accuracy it represents. But I like that the Leafs are at ~ $43,473,000, according to a quick excel summation. nhlnumbers.com paints an even better picture, with the *drumroll* Leafs 06/07 salary at ~ $44,671,000 and the total 06/07 cap hit at ~$42,874,000.

At least it is a brighter picture than a recent Mirtle report of the Leafs being over the cap according to Irish Blues.

I'm going to try and dig into the details of the three versions of the Leafs salary situation and see what I come up with. Or perhaps an update by the team would help clarify the situation and save me alot of grunt work.

BONUS - Check out screenshots of what seems like every Leafs' fight of the season here, if you like that kind of thing. And yes the Newbury head crash is there.



  • At 5:59 PM, Blogger PPP said…

    The league should just have an easy to read webpage. Of course that would highlight Lou's shiftiness.

    I think Irish Blues' is more accurate than THN's because that one counts each day that a player is active.

    All I know is that it looks like the Leafs can only get a roster player for a roster player.

  • At 6:35 PM, Blogger James Mirtle said…

    I represents very little degree of accuracy. The figures listed are not the team's cap hits; they are merely the salaries players are due those particular years. Neither the THN cap data nor nhlnumbers.com make allowances for injury replacements, which is the precise reason the Leafs are over the cap.

    They will have approximately $440,000 space free should Mike Peca be granted a long-term injury exemption. That is all the space there is.

  • At 8:59 AM, Blogger ninja said…

    Thanks James. Would it be safe to assume the granting of the LTI exemption is a mere formality? I haven't looked up the requirements to be eligible for the exemption. All I know is that an independent doctor was used in the Mogilny case.


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