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Round 2 predictions


Rangers vs Sabres - Miller v Lundqvist is a push. Lundqvist is more of shut down guy, while Miller lets a few in until he needs to keep it out. Forward depth goes to the Sabres, though not by much, and I'm not sure if Ruff has an answer to Renney's Avery. Defensive depth is also a push, and might even go in favor of the Rangers mainly because I'm digging this Girardi kid. This is a tough one because I don't think the Rangers were pushed all that much in the first round, either by the players or the tactics. At the same time I don't think the Sabres are playing up to their potential. So what I'm saying is that is either going to be a very short or very long series. If the Sabres get the puck behind the Rangers' D too easily and often, it's going to be tough for Hank to keep the Rangers in it. I'd like to pick the Rangers as the dark horse upset spectacular, but I have to go with the Sabres in 7.

Senators vs Devils - Home ice won't be enough for the Devils as the Senators just might be the best team in the East, which is comical since they've been dubbed exactly that for the past three or four seasons, except for this year. The regular season series favors the Devils 3 to 1, despite the fact New Jersey was out scored. I don't see this trend holding up, especially if Colin White remains sidelined. Tough to bet against Brodeur, but he has looked particularly human so far this year. Tip to Ottawa; fire the puck at Marty's feet, early and often and from everywhere. It worked for the Lightning until they stopped. Senators in 6.


Canucks vs Ducks - Roberto, you finally got to the playoffs, and you even won a round. See you next year. There is no way Vancouver gets by Anaheim. Luongo is phenomenal, but even he can't stop what will sure to be relentless pressure. The Sedins will be neutralized by Pronger and Neidermayer leaving zero options for Vigneault. This should be over in 4, but I'll give one win to Vancouver courtesy a monumental game by Luongo. Ducks in 5.

Sharks vs Wings - This should be dandy. The Wings, early to the golf course last year. The Sharks, earlier to the golf course than they should've been. These two teams want it bad. Head to Head gives a decided edge to San Jose, who out-scored the Wings 2:1 with the help of a humming powerplay. Chelios may find himself out classed in this series, taking dumb penalties after losing his faster mark. The extra rest for the Sharks won't help matters in the motor city. Sharks in 6.

East - Emery
West - Giggy

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