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Wellwood back, unfortunately so is McCabe

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I suppose trying to teach an old dog new tricks isn't a winning formula, but does McCabe not recognize the high pressure and what that means about Sundin down low? This wasn't some shocking turn of events, like a Hab appearing out of nowhere to pick off a pass. This wasn't too many players to keep track of and not noticing something out of his field of vision. Komisarek was pressuring Antropov and McCabe insisted on returning the puck from whence it came. Why? I just don't understand. There were three skaters a side. The math is rudimentary. The open ice is plentiful. Why Bryan? Why? Explain what you did. Explain why you didn't recognize one of many more appealing options in that circumstance. You do that spin to your backhand all the time. Either spin and skate down the boards, wrap the puck down to Sundin behind the net, shoot the puck down into the corner on your forehand. Anything but return the puck to a covered player at the blue line in overtime.

Can you tell I'm beyond pissed, and really just confused how a professional athlete makes these mental errors so frequently? Physical and skill limitations I can handle. But flubbing between the ears has no excuse.

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  • At 10:13 PM, Blogger Greener said…

    Totally Ninja. Also weird that Maurice chose to put Antropov out there instead of Wellwood or Blake. Also, as Komisarek went in I thought, "This will be Raycroft's season right here."

  • At 1:30 AM, Blogger Jaredoflondon said…

    Antro I can see being out there just for his performance this season so far and his ability to be phyisical and out muscle the smaller Canadians. McCabe was the greatest oddity out there, and it showed.


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