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Bruins maul Leafs

TOR @ BOS - F/O - TOI - Game - Event

Joke's over. Send him down.

Get the sense the Leafs are the cure to every other teams' problems? Rangers can't win on the road. Check. Bruins' 5 goals in previous 4 games, but 5 against the Leafs. Check. Similiar story with Washington's 7-1 win. Atlanta wins its first of the season against the Leafs in Toronto. This is the antithesis of being tough to play against. Statistically, I'm going to guess the Leafs are below average for time with the lead, simply because they can't keep one for more than a minute or two.

To pile on a little more, Maurice was recently quoted saying something to the effect that he is surprised how much work it is taking to coach a team to play solid defense in their own zone. So, team defense is an after thought for a coach supposed to deliver a team that is tough to play against? Interesting tact.

And living out of market and watching Center Ice, I get to listen to out of town broadcast teams explain to their region's viewers how Toronto is one of if not the only NHL team to deploy man-defense, completely devoid of the zone-defense the kiddie's at home are used to watching. In particular, it made the color guy look a genius last night, pointing out the defensive scheme in the pregame, only to give a tutorial on the collective unintelligence of the Leafs' team D on the wrap and stuff goal, by highlighting all three forwards watching from above the face off dots as a 2 on 2 turns into a goal because of now collapsing collective help. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate what man D gives a team, but not having an option to switch to zone, or especially not having the five players thinking together, is, sorry to say it, bush league. Not only were the Leafs exploited for glaring defensive scheme omissions last night, every time Andy Woziewski was on the ice the Bruins exploited his presence. He is at best a 7/8 defencemen. Strahlman acquitted himself well. Kronwall looked fantastic in only his second game back. Go let Woz play "big minutes" down with the Marlies. He needs it. And who thought of pairing him with Mr.Rash Decision himself?

Oh yeah, that Wellwood fellow is quite the player, no? Tlusty, Wellwood and Blake combo has some promise. Steen may not be putting up points but he is giving the opposition fits.

Leafs Lines

Leafs Pairs




  • At 3:53 PM, Blogger Greener said…

    You're right, Ninja, Woz isn't ready to shoulder the burden of full-time NHL work. He made the (mistake!) of playing well enough up until now, making his weaknesses seem glaring.

    Steen is now so strong with the puck on the wall, he looks like a young Sundin, minus the whole goal scoring thing.


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