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Board not Absolved

Don't let JFJ be the only scape goat. MLSE has to feel the sting for their part in assembling/managing/perpetuating a team this is increasingly making me feel like a fool for looking past, justifying to myself and in the end ignoring its fatal flaws.

Simmons' article today in the SUN is obviously a defence of Peddie. The reasons for penning such tripe could be many. Peddie doesn't like being fingered for anything other than profitable praises. Peddie is promising to reward or cut-off Simmons from what he loves so much; gossip. The two have been involved in a secret affair, and Stevie is coming to Dickie's defense out of love and loyalty. Ok, I made that one up. And enjoyed it.

Point 1.) is completely false. Every trade, signing, draft choice, front office or coach hiring, firing, or resignation has occurred on the premise of MLSE's inability to provide a clear vision.

Point 2.) by extension is also false. As is point 3.) Suggestiong JFJ acted in a vacuum of accountability is horseshit. And the article title "GM Blew it,Not the Board" is a pathetic attempt to distract Leafs Nation from holding ownership accountable.

Not gonna happen.

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