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Change for change's sake

It is becoming crystal clear JFJ won't be getting that long ago promised extension. But the idea of a 'name' GM being MLSE's idea of a solution is a joke. An easy yarn for the toronto media to weave is the last thing that should be a criterion for the Leafs' GM position. The media doesn't deserve any favors for their mail it in, premature and convenient blanketing of situations. The GM must be some one of proven ability in the position, and in the salary capped environment.

In addition, I plead any new candidate demand autonomy as a condition of accepting the position. Obviously MLSE oversight, er meddling, is not benefiting the hockey operations. And the fans and media have to remember this vital point amid all the distracting names thrown about. Change for change's sake can be beneficial, but rarely is it a solution to such deep-rooted problems of which the Leafs are currently afflicted.

UPDATE - Mike Peca makes some very astute comments in this National Post article.

It's a reflection of an organization that hasn't rebuilt over the last decade or two ... You're bringing pieces in every year and you don't get that cohesion to build a winning environment. Look at teams that have success over the last few years. Ottawa, Buffalo, Anaheim, Detroit ... They've developed players in their system, guys who've come up and become great hockey players in the league or big parts of the organization. The Leafs haven't had that for a while. They seem to have some pieces like Alex Steen and Kyle Wellwood if they can stay healthy and keep progressing but ... There area lot of great people in that organization and a lot of great individual talent, but for years they haven't come together to buy into what it means to win hockey games and be a winning team on a consistent basis"

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