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Leafs feast on Gerber, Sens

How 'bout them mighty Sens? And their FA goalie...with his eyes closed.

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UPDATE 10/09/06
- I guess it's later. There isn't much left to be said about this game. Gerber stealing the game was the official story of the first match-up, but I thought the Leafs' shooters made Gerber look good. The second game, the Leafs' shooters exposed Gerber as someone who gives up softies. But this isn't a Sens' blog, so let's talk about the good guys.

Kilger is picking up right where he left off. Some media types are calling him unheralded, but I'll let it slide...or does posting every reference to Chad constitute 'letting it slide'?

Bates Battaglia. This is exactly the kind of effort O'Neill should be giving. Maurice brought Bates in for a specific role, and Bates is executing. Keep it up.

Ian White makes Gill's puck-handling skills seems less nerve-rattling. Sometimes, I think he'd make a great forward. The Sens definitely were targetting the rookie blue-liner, and got a few good licks in, but all that did was fire him up to walk right by some checker and waltz in looking for a pass or shot. This one play demonstrated tremendous patience with the puck, and I'll be looking for more of the same.

Woz - this is being written after the Montreal game - please hurt yourself so Harrison can step in.

Pavel Kubina is starting to win me over with his strong play in the Leaf zone, as well as his odd offensive foray. I'm not sure he is worth the money, yet, but he is on his way to acquitting himself of the naysayers.

Wellwood had a so-so game.

Tucker was back from whereever he was on opening night.

O'Neill is still not impressing me, but he did make a couple of checks and fire three pucks on net, and moved up a line during the game for a change(with Stajan and Tucker), so he is progressing in the right direction.

I think Leaf fans need to convey a huge 'Thank You' to Mike Peca for signing this summer. Finally, a player you can actually see defensively read the play and make the right play for the puck. He'll be having a very solid year if he manages to stay healthy.

Mats continued his strong play. His feed to Poni, though nothing spectacular, was exactly where it needed to be.

Poni might have to slide back to the 2nd or 3rd line and let Tucker skate with Sundin and Wellwood. I'm a huge Poni fan, but his asset is skating full speed and putting pressure on a dumped puck. He might be better suited with Stajan and Bates.

I still have faith in Pohl. He is getting limited opportunities at the moment with less-skilled linemates, so I think he is still trying to adjust. I thought he had good finish in his seven games last year, and didn't see much play-making ability. I hope that isn't what is expected of him now.

Oh, and on a team note - keep those sticks in the passing lanes! I haven't seen so many easily intercepted passes from a Leafs team in for-like-ever dude.


Go check out the snarky oddsnark's season preview. Apparently the Leafs are "rebuilding."

The Hockey Gods are smiling down on someone over at Center Ice. The "We'll be right back/Good Night!" music has been changed. No longer will I wake up on the couch, having fallen asleep trying to watch West coast games during the week, and be startled by the heavy rock berating my head. Funk it up, as I always say. UPDATE : David Singer over at the excellent Ice Block agrees.


  • At 11:22 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Nice. This should be framed in the Leafs dressing room to give them inspriation for the other 27 times they play each other this season.

  • At 1:30 PM, Blogger Zanstorm said…

    That was AWESOME! My biggest shock was how human Gerber looked, when he looked like a beast in the 1st game. Yeehaw! Go Leafs!

  • At 4:30 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    He learned it from the Patrick Lalime school of goaltending. When in doubt, shut the world out. Maybe the puck will just hit you.

  • At 5:42 PM, Blogger reality check said…

    The Sens signed the same Gerber that the Habs beat in games 1 and 2 of last years playoffs. Stomach disorder my arse! Would any coach actually start a goalie who had lost 20 lbs in a week in the first games of the playoffs if the story had any truth. The Sens got screwed on this one.

    And hey, where's the post on the Habs-Leafs tilt? I was looking forward to it!


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